Little Frenzy Classes

Little Frenzy (Ages 4 years- 7 years)

Little Frenzy is our introductory youth theatre programme for ages 4-7.  Once youngsters start school, this is the perfect programme for them to play, learn drama skills and increase their confidence.

The youngsters work with more independence than our pre-school classes but the emphasis is still on imagination and play.  We start to introduce dramatic and performance skills such as hot seating and soundscaping.

Each class is fun filled and action packed with lots of games, speech work, devising and scripted work.  Youngsters are enabled to role play, practise improvisation and storytelling.


Every session has a theme such as Roald Dahl or Fairytales and all the games, skills, activities and theatre making are linked to that theme.  The lesson follows the same format every week so youngsters know what to expect.  


All classes are written by a qualified drama and English teacher encourage learning and exploring through drama and play.

"A brilliant drama group run by a friendly, motivated and talented teacher who always makes the classes fun and always has a smile for the kids. My daughter loves Frenzy - thanks for all you do!"

Anna, Natasha's Mummy

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