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Mini Frenzy


Drama benefits a child’s development in many ways.  Here are 8 benefits of a Mini Frenzy class:


Each and every class has a child led approach which encourages the development of creativity.  The role-play is facilitated by the workshop leader but the youngsters lead the direction of the drama, solve problems and respond to scenarios and situations imaginatively.


Each week Mini Frenzy members work together to creatively solve problems.  They are encouraged to listen to each other’s ideas and thoughts as well as taking turns.



Through the participation in role play, Mini Frenzy members express themselves physically and vocally in every session. They speak, listen, imagine, observe and do.


We help all members gently build up their self-esteem to enable them to fully participate in a Mini Frenzy class.


Mini Frenzy members follow a theme each week helping to improve their concentration skills.  They concentrate on what the workshop leader is asking of them as well as listening to others ideas.

Understand the world around them

Our sessions include the exploration of both real and imaginary situations.  Through the use of role-play, Mini Frenzy captures the youngsters imagination and encourages questions making your little one more inquisitive and more knowledgable about the world around them.

Positive sense of self and others

Imaginative role play allows playful exploration of feelings, consequences of behaviour and relationships with others.  Mini Frenzy members are in a safe and supportive environment at all times.  We enable youngsters to act out a range of emotions and scenarios which gives them a better understanding of their own emotions and develop empathy with others. 


Mini Frenzy encourages all their members to laugh, learn and grow together.  Youngsters work collaboratively and creatively each week enabling friendships to blossom.

"The sessions are fantastic and really engaging for little ones who love stories."

- Grace's Mummy