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Mini Frenzy FAQ's

Can children aged 3-5 really take part in a drama class?

Absolutely!  Mini Frenzy is all about imagination and creative exploration opposed to performance.  Each session is filled with lots of activities and interactive storytelling that encourages your little one to get involved in, lead the improvisation and help solve mysteries.  



What will my child learn?

Lots!  Drama is so much fun and has lots of benefits.  Communication, confidence and creativity are just a few skills that your child will learn throughout their time at Mini Frenzy.  You can read more about benefits here.



Do I join in?

Free tea and coffee is provided in all our Mini Frenzy classes so you can have some time with other parents whilst your little one is transported to another world.  You can watch as your child is captivated by our sessions and leads the role-play without any pressure on you to join in.  Equally, if you would like to participate then please do!  We do ask that parents stay at the venue to deal with anything such as toilet trips.



Is there a multiple child discount?

We offer a 10% family discount for our Mini Frenzy class.



What should my little one wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn in Mini Frenzy sessions so that the youngsters can really get involved on the magical journeys we go on each week.  We also have Frenzy t-shirts available and you can order these through the website or via your workshop leader.


How do I book?

Please contact Frenzy to book your three week trial. Please book in advance for your trial classes as all classes have a limited capacity.

"Kyle is truly skilled at capturing and holding the children's attention."

- Joe and Martha's Mummy