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Nurseries and Pre-Schools

Tiny Frenzy

Mini Frenzy


Our introductory Drama and imaginative play classes for ages 22 months - 4 years.  Wake up Frenzy Bear and see what adventure and story he has for us today!  This 30-35 minute class uses a multi-sensory blend including storytelling, bubbles and music to ignite a spark in your little ones imaginations.

Drama and imaginative play classes for ages 3-5 years.  This 45 minutes combines learning and play to create unique weekly adventures.  We pretend, play drama games, role play and have lots of fun!  Each week there is a different world to explore using creative problem solving. 

Frenzy Youth Theatre deliver sessions for nurseries and pre-schools for ages 22 months-5 years.  Each session is packed full of drama activities, storytelling, movement and rhyme.  


Themes change every 6 weeks and each week there is a different story to explore using a host of creative strategies.


Although each topic and story is different, classes always follow a structure so that the youngsters feel comfortable and relaxed.  The emphasis of our pre-school classes is on imagination rather than performance.


Our original and creative workshops can make any theme accessible for youngsters to understand, learn from and enjoy.


How Often We Visit:

Frenzy visits some settings weekly, some once a month or every half-term, and some just once in a while; to help celebrate Christmas or World Book Day for example.  We are able to tailor a one-off session to the needs of your nursery or pre-school.  Contact Frenzy with your theme or story and we will take it from there!

Learning Outcomes:

Early Years Drama is an invaluable addition to any nursery.


Lots of our sessions have been developed to introduce, teach or reinforce important messages such as staying safe on Bonfire Night.  Many of our sessions help children to learn about and explore their world including starting big school.  We can also work alongside your nursery setting to compliment the themes that you are focusing on. 



The youngsters develop key skills such as confidence, communication, co-operation, concentration and creative thinking whilst having the most wonderful amount of fun!  Every class compliments the EYFS.


What is the cost?

We offer a free trial to demonstrate what Frenzy can offer to your nursery setting.

We recommend a maximum of 18 children in each session and for larger numbers we often take 2 classes. 

For more information, prices and to book your free trial, contact us today.

"The children had a great time with Kyle from Mini Frenzy. The imagination they used was amazing."

- Babblebrooke Day Nursery