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Tiny Frenzy

Tiny Frenzy is our introductory Drama and Imaginative play programme for  for pre-schoolers aged 22 months-4 years.  We delve deep into the wonderful world of imagination to go on exciting adventures combining; role-play, storytelling and music.


Classes are 30-35 minutes each and uses a multi-sensory blend including storytelling, bubbles and music to ignite a spark in your little ones imaginations.


Tiny Frenzy will transport you to a new world through a fun and interactive story with lots and lots of role play.  Our sessions are fun, engaging and educational and take part within a friendly and nurturing environment enabling your youngster to grow in confidence, creativity and self-esteem.

Themes change every 6 weeks and each week there is a different world to explore using creative problem solving.  One week they might be searching for the ladybird's missing spots and the trying to help Simon the Shark make some new friends.  


Members are enabled to comfortably explore the world around them through the use of interactive story and improvisation.  The youngsters are guided through the stories creatively but it is their own imagination that leads the way, making every session unique and individual.  


Whilst classes are child-led, they still follow a structure so that the youngsters feel comfortable and relaxed.  The emphasis of Tiny Frenzy is on imagination rather than performance.  Each session is action packed and carefully crafted to empower your little ones with confidence, creativity and co-operation.


Free tea and coffee is provided for parents and after each session there is a 25 minute stay and play.


All classes compliment the EYFS framework.



Children love the world of make believe and Tiny Frenzy has lots of benefits, including:


Building the foundations to be sociable, confident and creative

Grow in confidence, creativity and self esteem

Promotes language development, ignites imagination and improves concentration

"Tiny frenzy is utterly brilliant. My daughter has been going since she was just over 2 years old and the classes have harnessed her imagination in such a wonderful way. Whenever there is a break in classes she constantly asks if it's tiny frenzy day! Kyle is wonderful with the kids and they all adore her, and the sessions are a great balance between imaginative story telling and play time, giving the parents time for a drink and a chat too. I cannot recommend highly enough, one of the best classes around and we've tried quite a few!"

- Freya's Mummy