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Youth Theatre 13-18

Our oldest youth theatre class is for secondary school students aged 13-18 and each class is jam packed with games, skills based activities, improvisation and devising.


Every session has a theme and all the games, skills, activities and theatre making are linked to that theme.  The theme changes every half term with varied topics including content such as Shakespeare, Theatre History and Theatre Practitioners.  Each lesson plan is highly original and written by a qualified drama teacher.  The lesson follows the same format every week so youngsters know what to expect.

Members learn lots of different techniques each week including thought tracking, still images, genre, style and much more.  We progress their theatrical understanding by exploring different theatre spaces, practitioners and theatre styles.


Each class prepare an annual show which is devised by the group before being scripted by the class teacher.  There are no auditions and each member decides on what character they would like to play in advance of the scripting process.


Frenzy encourages its members to explore, play and experiment with ideas to create new innovative pieces of theatre.

"Frenzy Youth Theatre is fantastic! Highly recommend! Great for boosting children's confidence and learning new skills"

- Suzanna