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Youth Theatre 8-12

Our weekly drama classes for ages 8-12 are fun filled and action packed with lots of games, speech work, devising and scripted work.


Every session has a theme and all the games, skills, activities and theatre making are linked to that theme.  The theme changes every half term with topics such as Greek Myths and Legends, Shadow House and Fables.  Each lesson plan is highly original and written by a qualified drama teacher.  The lesson follows the same format every week so youngsters know what to expect.

Members learn lots of different techniques each week including thought tracking, still images, genre, style and much more.


Each class prepare an annual show which is devised by the group before being scripted by the class teacher.  There are no auditions and each member decides on what character they would like to play in advance of the scripting process.


Frenzy encourages its members to explore, play and experiment with ideas to create new innovative pieces of theatre.

Star Of The Week:

Every week one Frenzy member is awarded Star of the Week.   The Star of the Week will be chosen based on their work in the session.  It may be awarded for excellent speech, characterisation, team work, ad-lib work and many other reasons.  The Star of the Week is to encourage all children to perform to the best of their abilities in all the sections of the class and to reward the children for their hard work that week.  The Star of the Week will receive a certificate that is theirs to keep as well as Frenzy Bear and his Scrap Book.  The Star of the Week gets to take Frenzy Bear and his scrap book home for the week, until the next session.  The scrap book can be used to record/document adventures with Frenzy Bear - this could be drawings, stories, photos, words or anything else you would like to include. 

"Drama is so important and Frenzy Youth Theatre is a great place to enjoy it!"

- Anghard